Updated from time to time! This version 2nd January 2020.

Coming Sunday Events and Other Excitement!

12th January 2020 – Baptism of our Lord, 9.30am Sung Eucharist
Fr Gwilym’s last day.

Wednesday 15th January, 5pm Eucharist

19th Jan 2020 – Second Sunday after Epiphany, 9.30am Sung Eucharist
Wednesday 22nd January – 5pm Eucharist

26th January 2020 – Third Sunday after Epiphany and Australia Day
9.30am Sung Eucharist
Wednesday 29th January – 5pm Eucharist

2nd February 2020 – Presentation of Christ in the Temple

Looking ahead

26th February – Ash Wednesday
25th March – Annunciation
5th April – Palm Sunday
9th April – Maundy Thursday
10th April – Good Friday
12th April – Easter Day