Updated from time to time! This version 3rd October 2019.

Coming Sunday Events and Other Excitement!

19th and 20th October – Synod Weekend

20th October – St Luke

27th October – Twentieth after Pentecost

3rd November – All Saints

10th November – Defence Sunday
11th November – Remembrance Day 10:45 service and Eucharist

17th November – Twenty Third after Pentecost

24th November – Christ the King

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Christmas Tree Festival
Friday 29th November to Sunday 8th December
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November 30th – Ordinations

1st December – Advent Sunday
Confirmation with Bishop Denise Ferguson
Christmas Tree Festival

8th Second in Advent
Christmas Tree Festival

15th December – Third in Advent

22nd December – Fourth in Advent

Wednesday 25th Christmas Day

29th December – First Sunday after Christmas

Lay Leaders Meetings with the Archbishop

October 9th (7.00-8.30pm) – St Matthew’s Kensington
October 12th (2.30-4.00pm) – St George’s Gawler
October 15th (7.00-8.30pm) – Christ Church North Adelaide